Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Cinema Firmament


I am sooo excited that we now have an official OSCAR-MOVIE BLOG!! Thank you ladies for creating it and inviting me to post.

Today has been so crazy for me, it's 8:00 P.M. now and I am still at school sitting at my computer and I have pending work all around me. Yet with today being the day that the nominations were announced, I have been so impatient to post my thoughts. I really should go home and see my family, but I just have to get this written. . .sigh. . .my priorities are sometimes clouded.

I am upset and so disappointed that Ron Howard, Renee Zellweger, Russell Crowe and C.M. were all snubbed by the Academy. Paul Giamatti gets the nod for Supporting Actor? What??? Hmmmm. . .I mean he was very good in that movie, but why they picked only him from that movie is beyond me.

OKAY-now it's a change of plans for us and our hubbies, what movie will we get them to this year since Walk the Line is out?? We had our double date already planned Pegs--Let's see, it probably will have to be Munich or Capote, don't you think? I guess we should run it by the guys also??? They might want a say. . .

I just have to say that I liked Cinderella Man better than Brokeback-I suppose the reason being that I can relate to that love story b/w a husband, wife and their kids more than I could between Ennis and Jack. I mean, Jake and Heath were so sexy in their cowboy jeans, hats and boots-I was thinking I should have been in that pup tent with them on that mountain, not fair!!
Sorry Pegs-but it's true. Are you surprised about my thoughts on THAT? Besides, James Braddock was an Irish boxer that fought his way out of the Depression, literally, for his family--that stubborn Irish pride!

Anyways, love you two Gleason girls and 33 days and counting to the big day! (And I'm not talking the Superbowl) Mitch actually suggested a family ski trip that weekend! "Are you nuts??" I asked-It's the Oscars and the only place I am going to is to Peggy's house for our party. . .in my pajamas-or is it Red Carpet dresses this year?? We have a couple of dated wedding dresses we could wear, along with some bridesmaids dresses??

Molly's take

1. George Clooney is the next Mel Gibson, and Mel Gibson had some replacing coming, because Mel Gibson has gone bat-shit crazy. The bad news here is that George is not likely to go the way of Mel with Braveheart, as I seriously doubt he can win in either best picture or best director. The good news is that perhaps this means that George will not be going the way of Mel, ever.

2. So happy Jake Gyllenhall got nominated. I'm happy not only because he's my future husband and it's always good to be supportive in situations like that, but because his character was so beautifully nuanced and interesting. I'm three days past seeing Brokeback Mountain, and I'm still occasionally wistful, thinking of the character of Jack Twist, and his relationship with and ownership of his own homosexuality.

3. I completely agree with my sister, below, when she talks about the-normally-gorgeous-actress-goes-ugly-and-therefore-obviously-qualifies-for-best-actress-because-dammit!-lookit!-she's-ugly! thing. I am conflicted, however. I have always really liked Felicity Huffman. I've watched a total of 5 Desperate Housewives episodes, and she is my favorite (I think it's the whole working mom thing). Also, I remember her talking to the press when her hubby, William Macy, was up for best actor for Fargo. She described him as the sexiest man alive, and she said it so sincerely, and I'm a sucker for real marriages in Hollywood, and I think she's in one. Okay, that has NOTHING to do with her acting ability, but I'm honestly endeared. Plus, I don't think I'll have an opportunity to see Transamerica until Netflix can mail it to me. I still think I might root for Reece just because she's a pretty woman who plays a pretty woman, and from all the other awards she's racked up so far, I assume she does it pretty well. What a trailblazer, that Elle Woods.

4. I want to go on record to state that I really really hate "It's Hard Out There For A Pimp," nominated for best song, and from the film, Hustle and Flow. I watched the film on Saturday night, and the song has since been etched in my mind, and NOT in a good way.

5. My first reaction to the five movies nominated for best picture this year was that I was really excited to have to see them all in the next month, but that none of them looked like much "fun." No Chicago, no Shakespeare in Love-like film this year, just unrequited love, relationships between and with murderers, racism, prejudice and commies (or at least, those opposed to those opposed to supposed commies--say that 5 times, fast!). Some might say this is a "intellectual" push by the academy and a victory for independent and otherwise "smaller" films, and I do think it is. What gets under my nails and bugs me until I have to get out the nail file on this one is that the fun movies are incredibly important to film making too. This is very close to getting me to spew on and on about how comedic actors are never included in the Oscars, despite the whole acting their butts off thing, but I will refrain.

6. Go Murderball!

My take on the nominations ...

Hey Molly - thanks for pointing out that this has truly been more of a life-long obsession for us. Oh, and one of the first social things I did with Maureen and her family was to go over on Oscar night. That was the first time I participated in a ballot ... It was the year of Cher, and Moonstruck. I remember winning the Doyle family Oscar Pool that year! I was hooked! :-)

Here's my initial thoughts about the nominations:

#1) People clapped their hands when Crash was nominated. It got the buzz in the room, like Sideways did last year. I have seen Crash. It was ... a'ight, I suppose. I've heard some people say that it "really got them thinking." To which I say - you should have been thinking a long time ago. Have you seen Do the Right Thing? So - Crash is my pick for overblown accolades this year. I figure so many people were IN the movie that it's receiving a bunch of noms simply because of the degree of separation most Academy voters have to the movie.

#2) The Beautiful Actress turns Ugly theory seems to be in effect again this year ... Felicity Huffman, usually an interesting beauty, made herself look trans-gendered. Turning otherwise beautiful women into ugly/unattractive women is THE KEY to a Best Actress Academy Award nomination. This year, we have two working models of the theory - Huffman, and Charlize Theron, who did her best to look drab in North Country (ok - maybe three ... depending on what you think of Dame Judy). Meeeooow! I'm so catty. Ok - I haven't yet seen any of the films starring the women nominated in this category though - so I oughta shuddup.

#3) I was THRILLED to see that Jake Gyllenhaal received a nomination for Brokeback Mountain. It's just right, you know?

#4) Dolly Parton got nominated for Best Song. That's cool. How weird to think that Dolly Parton has received more nominations (and wins!) than Don Cheadle? I mean, didn't Parton win for "9-5" ????

#5) George Clooney is a MOVIE STAR. Molly and I saw him in his first big screen flick - From Dusk Til Dawn. Prior to that he was primarily famous as Dr. Ross on ER, and the cute guy from The Facts of Life - little screen stuff. During From Dusk Til Dawn, I remember turning to Molly and saying, "George Clooney is a movie STAR."

#6) Revenge of the Sith gets NO LOVE for special effects? I thought that was kinda weird.

#7) Sorry Maureen - Russell Crowe and Cinderella Man got no love, either. I trust you when you say he, and the movie, deserved it.

So -- we have plenty to dish about for the next month! Let the discussions begin!!!! Yeeeehaaawww!

Oscar Nominees Announced!

I was 3 for 5, but I'm excited to see the four movies that I've not seen yet that are on our slate. Briefly, the five best picture nominees are:

  • Brokeback Mountain (because, well, duh!)
  • Capote
  • Good Night, and Good Luck
  • Crash
  • Munich

More nominees here.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Whoo Hoo!

I have to say that this is very exciting. I love the movie blog idea.

I have to add that Peggy and I have been addicts to the Oscar thing for much longer than three years. I remember watching with her over the phone for many years. I also remember getting to visit my way cool big sister in college and watching the oscars at her apartment, eating mac-n-cheese out of the pan and making fun of those fugly late 1980's "gowns." I have also watched the Oscars from Europe twice, from start to finish. The show there begins around 2am, and I stayed up all night for both (the second time watching in half subtitled/half dubbed Portugese). We have been freaks for this kind of thing for a way long time, but due to having babies and stuff we hadn't been able to make the commitment to see ALL of the movies until just a few years ago. And just so you know, we were still just as competitive and "in to it" even when we hadn't seen all of the movies.

So basically what I'm trying to say is:

Pop Culture + Competition = Peggy and Molly Heaven

So, who will be nominated tomorrow? I am going to pick the five best picture nods.

1. Brokeback Mountain (because, well, duh)
2. Walk the Line
3. Crash
4. Good Night, and Good Luck
5. The Constant Gardener

Heh, and I've only seen one of those... Geeking out, in its purest form...

Academy Award Nominations Announced Tomorrow!

I'm geeking out, as Molly would say. I'm so excited to find out what the nominees will be for 2005 ...

For the past 3 years or so, my sister Molly, and my best friend Maureen, and I have seen all of the Oscar nominated best-picture films prior to the Oscar awards show. Our friend Francine is in on it this year. We have really enjoyed it - even if we sometimes end up at the very last weekend rushing to get that final movie in. But then we all watch the awards show together - and have running ballots of who we think will win, and who we WANT to win. Very fun.

So this blog is an attempt to capture our mania in the next month. The mania starts tomorrow morning in earnest, as I know that Molly and I will be awake and watching E! channel at 6:30 am MST as they read off the names of the nominees in Hollywood. I'll probably be clutching a mug of coffee in one hand, and the telephone on the other - cuz Molly or I will end up calling each other by the time all of the names have been announced and before the studio audience is finished clapping.

I love watching the announcement - it's so early in CA, and the poor blokes that read the nominations are usually on the verge of something important (career-wise) that makes them realize that reading the Academy Award nominations is actually a complimentary assignment, even if it means they have to wake up at like, 3:00 am, and speak in complete sentences by 5:30 am. Wonder who it will be tomorrow?

Anyway ... we're about to embark on another Oscar movie watching season. Hip-hip-hooray! I'm hoping that Maureen and Francine will enjoy posting here too - as well as anyone who enjoys a good movie. Oh, and "good movie" is completely subjective here - what you like, you like and that's good enough for me.