Thursday, April 27, 2006

List Friday: Movie Music

In celebration of my conversion to Idol-dom (that’s American Idol, and I’m now caught in the same frenzy as everyone else), this List Friday is dedicated to songs that completely stole a scene or movie!

I got this idea when I found myself completely enchanted by scenes in “The Wedding Date.”
“Enchanted?” you gasp??
Yes… enchanted.

There two or three scenes that are wonderful, and I realized that I loved them because the music in the scene is fabulous. I probably stopped watching the movie and just focused on the music. And I’d watch them again. Peggy did point out that Dermot Mulroney is in all the good scenes, but I contend that the value is based in the music!!

Create your lists!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Films that Spoof Other Films

I just found a great little article about spoofs... Gianna and I watched Shrek 2 this morning and the "Mongo" giant gingerbread man just cracked me up. Hours later I find an article that not only mentions "Blazing Saddles," but mentions a bunch of other spoof movies...

So, though only the "Scary Movie" mention is about anything remotely new, I thought it was a totally fun list!

Friday, April 14, 2006

List Friday: Bad Movie Season

April is a time in the year where there is a definite decrease in the quality of films in theatres. I think I read somewhere of the last two or three weeks of major studio releases, the majority didn't even have advance screenings for critics, because the movies are so bad.

So, while Hollywood shells out crappy movies in advance of marketing campaigns for the big summer popcorn flicks, most of us wile away our moving image time in the spring in front of the small screen. I'd venture to say that 90% of what's on TV right now is better than 99% of the movies in theatres right now. For instance, given the choice between a marathon of America's Next Top Model (chosen because in the television firmament, it's not good) is innumerably better than spending $10 to see Phat Girls.

This week's List Friday?

Name the television shows you are watching right now, and that you think are generally better than the average movie. Please tell us why you think this....

I could be off base. You might be at the park and not in front of the tube. But I know I've got a few tele-addictions going right now...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sorry for the absence

We're not gone. Peggy has had computer troubles. I've been fretting about my son.

But I've been watching movies. I never stop.

Recently, I watched Pride and Prejudice, which is not the BBC one, I guess, but is fantastic and must be watched.

And I also saw North Country, which was a very gritty human drama which turns into a very bad episode of Perry Mason within about 3 minutes. But it's still worth watching.

So, don't fear movie lurvers. We're still here.