Monday, November 27, 2006

Cars and Pirates. Pirates and Cars.

Pathetic. I just realized those are the only movies I have seen in the theater since the Oscar season.

I could sit here and tell you my life is really, really difficult and busy; I could come up with 100 excuses as to why I haven't seen any movies - you know, like those "the Phone! the Doorbell! Calgon! Take me Away!" moments? And that would be partially true. It's seriously hard to schedule movie time when #1) your husband hates going to the movies and #2) your schedule is dictated by work and kid and family stuff. Not much I can do about that. But the other truth of the matter, and the one I want to focus on here, is that I'm a bit disillusioned by movies right now.

All of them LOOK good. All of them are advertised with glowing reviews. Not all of them are good, or deserve good reviews. I'm tired of the spin the studios give us. I get excited about seeing a movie right before it comes out. I get wrapped up in the "must see this one" aspect of a movie, or movie ad campaign, eventually don't see it, and then come to the realization that it's ok if I don't see it. Next thing I know, I just don't care anymore. I figure, "I'll see it when it comes out on pay-per-view, or DVD. Or maybe not. No biggie."

There were movies I was excited about, too! Like SoaP, and Superman Returns, and Talledega Nights. I still want to see those. And there are newer films out, still in the theater - like The Departed, The Queen, For Your Consideration, and Stranger Than Fiction, that I want to see, but most-likely will NOT see in the theater unless they get noms for Oscars and we see them in our manic rush to see all the nominated films before the Oscar telecast.

It is pathetic. I am pathetic. It depresses the heck out of me, makes me wish that Hollywood could focus on making fewer films so as to focus on the quality of those few ... And that they wouldn't spin the marketing so much. It also makes me wish there were more days in a week. You know, the Eighth Day. "And on the Eighth Day, God opened movie theaters for us and we watched movies and they were good."

As November turns into December, I know that realistically I will not see any movies until after Christmas. That's ok. But maybe my New Year's Resolution for 2007 will be to MAKE SURE to see at least one movie per month. What do you think?