Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Movie Meme

Why the heck not? Here's a meme for all of us to complete. I'm just gonna post the questions here.
Name your (current) top 5 movies of all time.

What is your favorite movie line ever?

Who is your favorite movie character?

What movie do you love that most people hate?

What movie do you hate that most people love?

What was the last movie that you saw in the theater?

What was the last movie you watched on DVD or via Video OnDemand?

Can you remember what the first DVD that you purchased was? What was it?

(For us old fogies ... ) Can you remember the first VHS movie you purchased? What was it?

What movie have you seen that you never want to see again?

What is your least favorite movie ever?

What song or soundtrack would you choose as your life's theme?

Which actor or actress would you like to look like?

What classic movie are you embarassed to admit you've never seen?

What is your favorite movie genre?

What is your least-favorite movie genre?

Is there an actor/actress/director whose movies you refuse to see?

What is your favorite movie concession stand snack?

Front row, back row, center seats, aisle seats - where do you prefer to sit in a theater?

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