Thursday, February 01, 2007

And the winner is. .

Okay ladies-the heat is on! Only 24 days until the big night. . . Sorry I've been such a stranger to our BLOG, but I am so happy to be posting tonight. I can't sign in at work-probably a good thing- so I have to do it from home--probably a good thing again!!

The only movie I have seen to date (of all the 5 that have been nominated) is Little Miss. . .I would be terribly surprised if that actually won, but it was a funny movie, but Oscar-Worthy?? Hmmmm. . .

I'm with Peggy, I still want to see Dreamgirls. . .surprised that didn't get a nod. I am looking forward to the big night on Feb. 25th, I think Ellen D. will be a very entertaining hostess.

Meanwhile ladies--when are we going to see The Queen? I think I can drag my husband to Babel and The Departed, but I would love to see The Queen with my Oscar friends. I enjoy anything that has to do with Princess Di. . . Yes Peggy, I am moving away from my traditionalist ways and will not be seeing Letters from Iwo Jima this year. Yawn!!!- I don't do well with subtitles. Sorry Clint! Same would have gone for Apocalypto had it been nominated.

Until we meet again,
"Starting the countdown to the Oscars" Maureen


molly_g said...

Reenie, let's make a date! I'm planning to skip Iwo Jima too. It's not because of the subtitles, it's because I have no desire to see it and I don't think it will win anyway. I've been neglecting this blog too! I'm banking on The Departed coming out on DVD next week, and I can fit in the others in the next (yikes!) 24 days.

Jippy said...

Have you seen the queen yet? Am I allowed on here? I don't get out much LOL

Peggy said...

Jippy! Welcome whomever you are! Of course you are allowed. We love comments.

I've seen The Queen - I am the only one in our little group to have seen it yet. I loved it even more than I thought I would! I want to write a Peg-style review but am waiting on the others to catch up. I assume you've seen it. What did you think?