Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Some mystical energy universal force prevented me from applying for jobs and submitting posts over the weekend. So, this is CLEARLY late, because I had to write it all over again... and I couldn't bear to do it after the third, no FOURTH, blip on my internet activity!!

But, it is so fun I wanted to share. Forgive the lateness. Please.

MSN hosted a game And The Winner Is... for the Golden Globes! I'm so hoping they do it for the Oscars too. They tabulate the winners and you can see your score, compare your score with others... and on and on. I think it's way cool.

I sucked at the game... 9 picks correct...270 points. But it was fun. I will try to do better for Oscar.

Couple of things I just need to say:

Meryl is the best thing about "Prada."

Patricia Arquette as a nominee is a complete mystery to me. Being frumpy and acting flatly is award garnering?? Sup??

I totally called the Hugh Laurie thing, but missed America whats-her-name... even though I really like her.

I love that Heroes got nominated. Sci Fi hardly ever gets a nod.

I'm getting all ready for Oscar! Bring it on!

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